Photo by Cassidy DuHon

I am a writer. Specifically, a reporter. More specifically, a general assignment feature writer for The Washington Post. I've written from Hollywood, Baghdad, Newtownthe Marshall Islands, the nooks of the Mississippi Delta and the crannies of the Cowboy Poet's mind. I'm also the author of a non-fiction book titled "Almighty," which is based on this story.

I'm from Buffalo, N.Y. I was born in 1983. I started working for newspapers in 1998, and the Post in 2005. I am not an adjunct professor of anything. I am the winner of no awards.

Here is what readers and online commenters say about me and my work: 

"Dan Zak is a silly little smart alec ... in over his head, ill-prepared and rude ... You make me sick with your haughty little column. You probably have no friends either. ... Another step in the degradation of American journalism."